My Drag Journey – Rodent DeCay

My Drag Journey – Rodent DeCay // Drag Queen // Performance Artist // Loud Mouth Rat Bag in conversation // behind the scenes with Amy Zing, Co-founder of Sink The Pink.

Rodent DeCay and Amy Zing take you through the beauty and complexity of their drag journey.

An intimate, voyeuristic moment of transformation becomes one of togetherness as Rodent creates their other self in front of you, a moment seldom seen.

Discussing the gender bending processes, political correctness and social acceptance of drag and it’s universe with Amy, co-founder of Sink The Pink, the now infamous London club night and queer collective, Rodent will change himself as he changes you and your perception of the art form. This experience takes place during their preparation for a performance that same evening, during Alex Noble’s exhibition Sisohpromatem (which is metamorphosis backwards) opening at Margate Arts Club, which participants are welcomed to enjoy as a finale to the day.

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