Microworld OSE Open Day

The open day Microworld OSE presents new works by the current Associate artists, alongside the outcome of a 6-part coding and animatronics workshop led by local artists Genetic Moo with the Associates and members of the public.

Exhibiting throughout the Adult Education Centre’s building, the Associates share work spanning performance, sculpture, ceramics, film, works on paper and more! Rather than existing independently, these works reach out to each other, to the space and to the viewers. In the mix we discover the outcome of the collaboration with Genetic Moo and Open School East in the creation of a ‘Micro-World’ in which artworks are understood as living things that act upon one another.

There will be two opportunities to see performances, the first from 2-4pm and the second from 5-7pm.

Free snacks and drinks available all day!

The 2019 Associate artists are: Rosie Carr, Jemma Cullen, Emily Demitriou, Elouise Farley, Rhona Foster, Laurène Gitton, Holly Hunter, George McGoldrick, Annie Nichols, Harilay Rabenjamina, Bryony Rose, Connor Sansby, Jules Varnedoe.

Accessibility info
Due to factors beyond our control, this event is inaccessible to those with limited mobility. We can record parts of the session if there is a demand. Please send an email to info@openschooleast.org if you are interested.