*CANCELLED* La Poupe, live film performance with Anthea Hamilton

Unfortunately, due to new government restrictions around preventing the spread of Covid-19, the public aspect of this film performance is now cancelled. The filming is still taking place but this can now only be attended by OSE Associates, staff and film crew. We hope to be able to share some documentation of the day with you over the coming weeks. The final film will be released within the next few months.

On Saturday 26 September, Anthea Hamilton and the Open School East Associate Artists present their collaborative film and performance La Poupe. Inspired by the iconic figure of the lone sailor, La Poupe will take place on a roving film set along Margate’s coast.

Our protagonist Archy is an aspiring sailor who faces a personal reckoning. Unable to navigate within the sailor archetype, Archy is trapped in the endless horizon of dawn to dusk. There, they are confronted by the Salty Sardines, a bunch of gossips and noisemakers. Below deck, the Muscle Queens present the warped reality of a sailor’s stereotypical extreme. Can Archy break free of dominant constraints? Will they discover their self worth on this rhapsodic journey?


9-11aam, The Oval bandstand (CT9 2GB)
Scene 1: Scuttlebutt 
The seagulls are rhythmically gossiping about Archy using nautical language.

1.30-3pm, Bar Nothing (CT9 1RU)
Scene 2: Trampin’
We find ourselves in limbo – a dazzling mirror maze, glistening, fab, scary and intense.
We move through an intestinal space enchanted by the lure of the Muscle Queens sea ditty, towards the main dance floor of La Poupe. 

3.30-5pm, Bar Nothing (CT9 1RU)
Scene 3: Shanghai’d 
The Muscle Queens are singing a dark sea shanty in an attempt to lure Archy. Participation invited.

6-8pm, Lido Sands (CT9 1RX)
Scene 4: La Poupe 
Archy is dancing in the residue of the sea shanty, culminating in the final battle of the archetype and freedom.

  1. The Oval Bandstand, Queen’s Promenade, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 2GB
  2. Bar Nothing, 17 Cliff Terrace, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 1RU
  3. Lido Sands, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 1RX