Incomers Walk

Join us to experience the Incomers’ Tour in and around the Lido complex in Cliftonville. We will meet by the Lido Lollipop (opposite Roost and Haeckels).

At some point, and to varying degrees, we are all incomers to one another’s lives. We intersect daily with strangers or acquaintances, and guess at or misremember the details of their biographies.

But what happens when we try and tell other people’s stories? What are the pitfalls and what good can result? How can we relate events with sensitivity while also understanding them in our own way?

The Incomers’ Project was developed through a series of workshops at Open School East, led by writer Sally O’Reilly. Participants used experimental storytelling techniques to transpose fantasies lies, memories and rumours into sound works and objects.

The resulting six artworks take graphology, terrorism, lobster fishing, climate change, scamming and migration as raw material for processes of abstraction, complication, layering and extrusion. Each piece has then been further re-contextualised through its installation within the sonic backdrop and the domestic and municipal apparatuses of Margate.

The Incomers’ Tour captures these enigmatic energies of translation between individuals, between fact and fiction, between thought, sound, image, object, person and place.


FREE and OPEN to all.