The Reception Was Brilliant

The 2019 Open School East Associates wish to invite you to their final show, The Reception Was Brilliant.

Rosie Carr, Jemma Cullen, Emily Demetriou, Elouise Farley, Rhona Foster, Laurène Gitton, Holly Hunter, George McGoldrick, Annie Nichols, Harilay Rabenjamina, Bryony Rose, Connor Sansby, Jules Varnedoe.

Venue: 39 Hawley Square, Margate, CT9 1NZ
30 Nov-4 Dec 2019, 12-6pm
Preview night and performances: 29 Nov, 6-9pm
Extended opening and performances: 3 Dec, 5-7pm
Performances by: Rosie Carr, Emily Demetriou, Elouise Farley, Rhona Foster, Harilay Rabenjamina.

Through a year of collaboration as Open School East Associates, we have met lots of wonderful people from near and far. We’ve run publicly accessible workshops on everything from social cohesion to Mesopotamian clay tablets. We’ve learnt from the best young artists of Cliftonville through the Despacito Art School, and collaborated on a film project with members of East Kent Mencap GOLD and learners from the Adult Education Centre. We’ve worked with Genetic Moo, Clayspace Studios, Hot Meals Now community canteen, the OSE Young Associates, and many others.

Coming to the end of our year, we’d like to share some recent work with you. We are taking over the Percy Gore solicitors building on Hawley Square (no. 39). If you listen carefully you can still hear the ghostly clack of their keyboards, and feel the weight of office hours in worn carpets. Come for the performances, stay for the gourmet delights.

There are monsters in the cupboard, and dolphins have left the sea,
Enchanted heads put on their makeup, and fragments of plants crawl up the walls.
A fungal shaman watches a woodpecker,
A serpentine bed-spread and room full of noises.
The sword is in the stone, the table set and the guests all invited…
The reception will be brilliant.


Extra-accessible / ND aware day, Monday 2 Dec, 12-6pm

You are welcome to drop in any time when the show is open. However, we have arranged an ‘extra-accessible’ day to take place on Monday 2 December. On this day we will be filtering lighting, lowering sound levels, limiting numbers of people within spaces, and have extra invigilators throughout building. There will be free refreshments and friendly faces. 

We will also be holding accessible Screenings of ‘A Night to Remember; the World Turned Upside Down’ & the ‘making of’ mini-film, and Rhona Foster’s film ‘Me and my friends’ at Hot Meals Now Canteen at the Margate Adult Education Centre, 7pm .

For extra assistance or to book a guided tour please email

ND aware 

Here is a picture of the entrance to the exhibition: