Evolution Isn’t Fast Enough: A Call from the Library


Performances: Saturday 7pm and Sunday 5pm

Live installation: Saturday 2-7pm and Sunday 2-5pm

Performed in various locations in a former library, A Call from the Library is a collaboration between artist Lisa Skuret and sound artist Seth Ayyaz, stemming from a week long ‘field-writing’ exercise in the former Rose Lipman Library building. Through their different practices, they will build an open system to ‘listen’ to rooms and architectural spaces, and in effect ‘play’ them sonically and textually. The results of their research activities in the library will be a live installation as a continuation of the field-writing process, and evening performances in which the building will begin to ‘speak’. During the weekend, Skuret and Ayyaz will be joined by sonic collaborators Guy Harries, and Kay Grant.

A Call from the Library forms one strand of Communal Materials; Or, Evolution Isn’t Fast Enough – an ongoing project by Lisa Skuret.

Further info: www.lisaskuret.com. Supported by Arts Council England.