Despacito: A Year in Art by the young people of Athelstan Road

The Despacito Art School is a hands-on place to learn about art, craft and functional object-making. Despacito is open to young people aged 7 to 12 who live in and around Athelstan Road and the neighbouring streets. They named it after their favourite 2017 summer hit.

They have worked hard all year producing innovative and challenging art, making animations, carnival creations and and so much more. This is where they get to present the fruits of their labour so please come along to support them and meet these future artists. We will also be showcasing the animation movie they made in collaboration with 1927 theatre group.

The Despacito artists are: Svetlana (11), Stefania (7), Ivan (9), Justin (9), Tailan (8), Yasmine (8), Zaina (6), Sola (11), Angel (9), Skye (11), Maria (9), Vlasta (11), Bruno (10), Benita (6), Laura (11) and Georgie (7).