Celine Condorelli: Widget Factory


Join artist Celine Condorelli and associates of Open School East on a site visit to a widget factory.The tour will lead is through a site of precision metal engineering in London, and expand our understanding of the manufacturing process, or possibly baffle us further! Extending out from Condorelli’s interest in issues of cumulative labour and the power of display mechanisms, participants will address the relationship between artists and industrial manufacturers.

Condorelli’s installations, publications and curatorial projects combine a number of approaches from developing structures for ‘supporting’ (the work of others, forms of political imaginary, existing and fictional realities) to broader enquiries into forms of commonality and discursive sites. She is one of the founding directors of Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK.

Places limited, to book please email.

Meeting at: Open School East, 43 De Beauvoir Rd, London, N1 5SQ. Part of Speculative Tours: a series of investigations through ambient commons.