Afloat with Milo van der Maaden

Join us in making a float for Margate Carnival.

Through a series of free and open workshops we will use our imagination to build a carnival float activating carnival traditions of storytelling, upturning hierarchies and folly architecture.

Artist Milo van der Maaden will host a day long workshop on methods for collecting and sharing stories delving into Margate‚Äôs local histories and its shifting contemporary image.

This workshop will be a starting point for the rest of the float making project that will take place in the run up to Margate Carnival taking place Sunday 6 August 2017.

We will discuss and devise ways of  extracting and merging histories, image and personal narratives to establish a platform for Open School East and surrounding communities to occupy space and bring multiple voices into dialogue.

You are welcome to just attend this workshop. There is not a requirement to attend future float making workshops