ACME x OSE Fellowship

Happy 50th Acme – here’s to the next 50 years of supporting artists!

We are so delighted to be partnering with Acme to launch the Acme x OSE Fellowship, as part of OSE’s Alumni development programme, and announce it’s inaugural fellow – Shamica Ruddock 

Acme is such an important support system for artists and to have a recent Alum be part of Acme will be such an incredible opportunity to develop their own practice, whilst also supporting the next generation of artists who will be mentored by them.” – Polly Brannan, OSE Artistic Director

About the Acme x OSE Fellowship

During a six-month work/live fellowship at Acme’s Fire Station building, Shamica will be actively involved in mentoring three early career artists on the Acme Alternative Pathways Awards.

About the Fellow

Working predominantly between sound and moving image, Shamica Ruddock’s practice is primarily concerned with speculation, fiction and folklore. Considering the ways Black diasporas are engaged and explored through sound, Shamica has been particularly interested in how black technosonic production functions as a form of speculation, narrativising and worldmaking.

Shamica Ruddock was an OSE Associate in 2020.

You can find out more here

Photo cred: Andy Stagg, 2022