Daniel Norie

Detail view of Malfunction Library installation at Once More With Feeling curated with Angelica Sule 2022

Daniel is a multi-disciplinary visual artist working with found objects and repurposed material. He makes work that moves between images and objects, bringing them together to create pieces that bend the two-dimensional into sculptural objects. Daniel is interested in the ways in which we interact with civic spaces and has started to explore this through volunteering at The Garden Gate Project, a community garden in Margate. He has recently run a self-designed workshop there as part of his public programme.

Malfunction Library

In response to Assemble’s lead at Open School East this year, Daniel created an OSE library. This work has developed into an installation, exploring questions around knowledge sharing, image making and civic space. Working with books as a source material, Daniel reproduced references and images to create new compositions and sculptural assemblages. These works use different methods of categorising to subvert the usual functions of a library and find ways to intervene, dissect and reconstruct.