Join the OSE Fan Club

Fan Club members are generous enablers and ambassadors of our actions and values. Their ongoing feedback and involvement in our work is highly valued.

As an non-exclusive organisation, each and every member of our Fan Club enjoys the same close relationship with OSE’s staff, Trustees, mentors and Associate artists. Fans receive personal invites to a programme of events and receptions – in Margate, London and beyond – including special projects, artists commissions and our annual graduate shows.

The only difference between our Fans is the level at which you are able to support us:

  • OSE BFF: Our BFFs make an annual gift of £150.
  • Despacito Artists Fund: When you contribute to this particular fund, you make an annual gift of £600. You may want to watch the documentary the BBC made about Despacito.
  • OSE Fan: When you become a Fan, you make an annual gift of between £1,000 and £1,500 or above.
  • OSE Programme Supporter: When you become a Programme Supporter, you support a chosen programme at the level of £5,000 a year for an ideal commitment of 3 years.

To join the OSE Fan Club, please contact Natalie Ross, OSE’s Deputy Director at: