Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan, ‘When We Sync’, 2023. Photos by Ollie Harrop
Sarah Khan, ‘When We Sync’, 2023. Photos by Ollie Harrop
Sarah Khan, ‘When We Sync’, 2023. Photos by Ollie Harrop

When We Sync (2023)

Single-channel video on LED screen, 16mm and digital, 03:58

‘When We Sync’ is a short film that weaves together a visual dreamscape and documentary to explore how connection is sustained across time and space. 

Based on the artist’s current sea-based locality, When We Sync travels through moments of encounters. The film follows two friends who live apart and in contrasting landscapes yet remain synergised with one another as they wander their environments against fragments of a conversation. The conversation, an intimate one-to-one between the artist and their friend Opashona Ghosh travels from the first day of meeting, moving to discuss rave culture, music and dreaming as bridges—to kinship, self and notions of home—away from capitalist agendas that sustain across time and space.

Sarah Khan is an artist-filmmaker and writer. Through her practice, she draws on her lived experience and collective memory to explore themes of cross-cultural identity, embodied resistance, and the boundless potential of worldmaking when exclusion is confronted by the ‘othered’. With an autobiographical underpinning, her works engage with poetics as a radical tool to relay personal histories and centre narratives that are otherwise rendered invisible.

Sarah is a co-founder of the London-based collective Baesianz and Baesianz FC.