Sam Slattery

[a messy office desk with a computer showing a cartoon like visual]

Installation view of Keep Calm… at Once More With Feeling curated with Angelica Sule 2022

Working across many different disciplines, often all at once, Sam is interested in the interplay between (so called) fantasy and the normal everyday. He is haunted by Rave culture, and a bit of a music obsessive, one of his early inspirations being The Prodigy’s ‘Out Of Space’ video.

His methods of creation are largely experimental. Using outdated technology, a multitude of editing and mixing software, broken instruments (and non-instruments) and special effects, text, found visuals and collected footage, he messes with form and context, in order to explore new manifestations and inner worlds through re-appropriation and sampling.

Keep Calm…

In Keep Calm… a relatively mundane office space offers a contrasting backdrop to a small assortment of (wonky) audio-visual musings and delights. The aim of the conscious clash of the ordinary with the out of the ordinary is placed to provide the audience with an unconventional space for contemplative thought and reflection.