Anneke Kampman

During her time at Open School East Anneke has continued to develop an ongoing research practice exploring the singing voice as a subjective, affective and material substance that choreographs relations between bodies and subjects within capitalist societies. Anneke’s solo and collaborative performances employ text, sound, light and choreography as relational elements; testing out how these components inform, distort or supplement one another, exposing moments of vulnerability or fragility in representation and discourse.

She is interested in the role of the ‘score’ in performance – a set of instructions that performers embody – and creates fictional scenarios within which to place herself (and others). Using both her own body and those of friends as the material of several new live performances – including Where Blips of Light Called Players Disintegrate and Figures. Figure. Stuck – this body of work continues to ask: whose intentions, affects or languages do we perform when we sing?

In addition, she also organised a curriculum for sound, voice and performance, called Soul-Less-Ness with Eleanor Vonne Brown, exploring modes of production, methods of representation and the future politics of listening. She further conducted a 5-week long music and record making project with young people based in Hackney called Wrestle A Lot Harder.