The Associates

Associates at Open School East are emerging practitioners of different generations, with or without a BA, MA or formal qualification, who are seeking a critical, informal and non-competitive environment in which to develop their practice, and are interested in being exposed to a range of ideas and practices. We are particularly committed to supporting applicants from under-represented backgrounds and without formal training. 

While at OSE, the Associates share their practice via open events at different times throughout the year, and develop new work to be presented at a final group exhibition and events series. 

Former Associates continue to work collaboratively and programme events and projects at OSE, engaging in dialogue with the current Associates and forming a growing alumni community.

Current and Past Associates

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Associates 2021– 22

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Associates’ Projects

As part of their time at Open School East, the Associates develop their practice and research interests in multiple ways: making and showcasing work, programming events and taking part in external projects. This section documents what the Associates did during their time at OSE, and what they are planning to do as they leave.

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2020 Associates’ Projects: How to Lift Heavy

2020 Associates’ final project

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