The Film That Buys The Cinema


A social-cinema-art-docu feature film, The Film That Buys The Cinema (FTBTC) was born out of a very pressing concern: to secure the future of an 108 seat, completely independent Microplex Cinema in Bristol, England. This part of its mission was achieved, now it has a life of its own as a fully-fledged film being screened across the globe. The FTBTC is a 70-minute film comprised of uncut one-minute takes, each one shot by a bewildering list of contributors, each whom have a wildly different relationship with this unique art-bunker.

The film features contribitions from amongst many: Portishead / Liz Harris (Grouper) / Peter Strickland / Ben Rivers / Nicolas Roeg / Coral Short / Chris Petit / Tony Grisoni & Oona Grimes / David Blandy / Andrea Luka Zimmerman / Jennett Thomas / Steven Eastwood / Josephine Foster / Thought Forms / Paul Kelly / Jem Cohen / Bill Morrison / Eric Chenaux / Jandek / Andrew Kotting / Semiconductor / Fran├žois & Rozi Plain / Leyland Kirby / Mark Cousins / Goodiepal / Craig Baldwin. Click here to view the trailer and here for more information on the project. Entry is free and no need to book.

The Film That Buys The Cinema (2014), duration: 77mins, Uncertified