Screaming at the Sea: Queer Voice Workshop

Screaming at the Sea: Queer Voice Workshop

Saturday 17 February, 1pm – 4pm

Meet at 1pm by Westbrook Promenade Public Toilets

Led by OSE Alum and artist Greta Sharp and singer and choir leader Naomi Hammerton, this workshop creates a space to explore how we can safely, as a group, release sounds and emotions that can often not be expressed in many other spaces. Discover collective healing with the support of nature, supporting your personal journey with your voice.

‘Screaming at the Sea’ invites you to explore the range of your voice in relation to each other and the natural world, connecting inwards to find what sounds feel authentic to express. You will be led through breath work and vocal exercises to warm up and engage in good vocal techniques to look after your voice in a way that works for you. We will play with vocal exercises to connect inwards, to each other, and to the sounds from nature around us to see how we can use our voice to tap into our inner worlds. The workshop will culminate in the opportunity to freely express vocally, with the support of the group and nature, what comes up for you. 

This workshop is a trans, queer, crip*, mad** centered space. Allies welcome, but please be considerate of the space you are stepping into.

*The word ‘crip’ is reclaimed by the disability justice movement centering the disabled experience within politics and culture

**The word “mad” is a reclaimed word borrowed from the Psychiatric Survivors movement