Resistance is in the cracks: a circular talk by Fannie Sosa


“Resistance is in the cracks” is an open conversation between Fannie Sosa and you on twerk as a decolonial, open source, healing, femmeinist, radically inclusive, sexually autonomous practice.

Big mouths, big hearts, big brains and big asses sit down to discuss how to stand up, speak up, remember and resist the many forces acting against womxn and queer people of color.

Click here to see the video of the event.

We talk about :
– white supremacy
– patriarchy
– capitalism
– colonialism
– coalition work
– interstitial places
– community
– activism
– sistahood
– femme identity
– resistance
– joy as a political stance
– love as a political stance
– Audre Lorde’s «mythical norm»
– Gloria Anzaldua’s «mestiza consciousness»
– booty aesthetics and meanings
– booty visual/textual references
– cultural appropriation
– speak up! (twerking as a way to speak up, stand-up, rap, slam, sing, read, lecture)
– booty and public space: phallic and/or yonic approaches
– performance theory and Queer Herstory from our point of view
– moving in space/Letting go
– the «kiff*(joy)» as a teaching tool
– body positivity (transcending shame)
– contacting the centre (accessing dan tien/portal to the universe/listening to your gut)
– all black lives matter

More joy to you!

Doors at 7:00 pm — 1st Floor on the right
Rose Lipman Building, 43 DeBeauvoir Road, N1 5SQ LONDON

This event is brought to you by Fannie Sosa and facilitated by OSE associates Paul Maheke and Marie Toseland.

**Open School East is hosting Two Twerkshops to be led by Fannie Sosa on September 23rd

More info here.

About Fannie Sosa
***Fannie Sosa is a PhD student, activist, artist and curandera. Her work focuses on transness, divine pride, intersectional radically inclusionary feminism and body/mind decolonisation. She uses her gender studies degree to pop her pussy even more severely than before.***