OSE x Radio Margate: Fun with Sounds

OSE x Radio Margate ‘Fun with Sounds’ 6th July 2018: 12-2pm
Dipesh Pandya , Katie Fiore, Tom Verity and Rosa Irwin Clark

For our first show on Radio Margate we took inspiration from a workshop with Resonance FM founder, Ed Baxter on ‘Writing for Radio’
Ed gave us a mission: “DO NOT USE THE WORD ‘I’ DURING THE SHOW”

Using concepts discussed during the workshop from the previous day, we used the resulting texts, to develop a two hour show. A mix of spoken word, music by Coby Sey, Esma Redzepvova, Brenda Ray, The Last Poets and others together with soundscapes by Ed Baxter, Swan Nemesis and Marguerite Humeau.

+ News of the public program at Open School East and from OSE alumni

Listen to the last show here