Open Day & Night


Join the third group of Open School East associates for a day of presentations of work in their studios with a programme of sound works & interventions in the recording studio, films & a reading group, followed by a night of food, performance & music.

On the Spring Equinox where daytime and nighttime are of approximately equal duration, we will mark the end of winter and start of spring & the Iranian New Year. Seasonal food will be served after sunset and affordable drinks will be available day & night.

This year’s associate artists are:

Henry Babbage, Eve Chabanon, Eleanor Davies, Anneke Kampman, Tannu Kotecha, Rosie Morris,  Anni Movsisyan, Bekki Perriman, Alex Ressel, Emil Scheffmann, Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens, Theo Shields, Joel Sines, Eleanor Vonne Brown.

Day and night’s schedule

Studios open

2:12pm & 4:12pm
Contemporary Artefact Making (flintknapping demonstration) by Theo Shields.
Location: Studio
Using Neolithic tool making techniques, Theo Shields will talk you through his current project, knapping spear heads from tv screens and beer bottles.

Open Sound
Location: Sound Studio

Using the sound studio as a collaborator, Open School East associates Eleanor Vonne Brown and Anneke Kampman transmit new and old sound material, music and research throughout the Open Day.

Film Reel
Location: Asterix Room
Film reel shown throughout the day, featuring the work of associates Louis-Jack Horton-Stephen, Rosie Morris and Alex Ressel.

Ritual as Resistance: Talismans and Amulets, a workshop with Anni Movsisyan.
Location: Studio

Join Anni in making your own device that may help bring good fortune within, or protect against, the structural violence we face in our lives. Please try to bring at least one object or material of value to you that will be part of your charm.  

Post Human Research Unit:
Reading the Invisible Committee’s To Our Friends

Chapter one.
Location: Common Space

We will be reading The Invisible Committee ‘s 2015 book “to our friends”. It’s an exciting text which (54 pages in) looks at insurrections around the world over the last 7 years, considering the role of ethics, metaphysics and collectivity in freeing ‘earthlings’ (not humans!) from mediated lives earning money by doing things you’d rather not.

You can find a free PDF of the book here: or buy it at any good book shop.

“Yes I Like Pot (do it)”, a fermentation food workshop with Eve Chabanon. 
Location: Studio

Come as you are!

Poetry of Journeys: readings from Africa, Asia & the Caribbean, with Tannu Kotecha.
Location: Common Space

Please send suggestions of short poems & prose on the theme to share the reading too. All welcome.
Email: or come and find me on the day.

Sunset 6:12pm

Iranian New Year’s Eve/pre-equinox dinner
Location: Common Space

The Disk
Location: Troy Town Pottery
A collaborative performance for voices, objects and speakers by Eve Chabanon and Anneke Kampman.

The Last Word
Location: Bar
Performance by Joel Sines and Eve Chabanon.

A collaborative performance. An abstraction. A third space at the end of a book translation and an old B-movie that seek to inhabit questions of authorship and liberation.

Studios close