Microworld OSE: Session 2

Learn how to make moving structures and code creatively whilst exploring the realms of ‘Microworlds’ with interactive digital artists Genetic Moo and Matt Mapleston. This 6 part course will teach you the basics of how to move pixels on a screen, build kinetic prototype art works and make simple moving circuits.

We will be looking at how different living things interact within an ecosystem, and how to design our own living art works that interact with each other.

Session 2
We will be ‘hacking’ charity shop wind-up toys with LED lights, motors and buttons, and learning how to control the movement of these objects through the use of basic electronics, using arduino technology.

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Interested in coming to some and not all of the days? Please get in touch via info@openschooleast.org and we can talk to you further about what can work for you.

Accessibility info
Due to factors beyond our control, this event is inaccessible to those with limited mobility. We can record parts of the session if there is a demand. Please send an email to info@openschooleast.org if you are interested.