OSE at Limbo Residency #3

Group Crit:  Friday 27 July 4-6pm (all welcome, no booking required)

Preview: Friday 27 July 6-8pm (BYOB)

Gallery Open: Saturday 28 July, 11-4pm and Sunday 29 July 11-4pm.

This is the 3rd micro-residency to be held at Limbo where the associates from Open School East (OSE) are invited to explore their practices, experiment and collaborate over four days.

Residency #3 will include associates:

Antonia Luxem will be developing a video installation in line with her research on human perception, exploring the gap between the workings of the inner mind and our external selves. This will be a reflection of how most humans lead their lives: caught in between the ramblings of the mind and the movements of the body.

Dipesh Pandya works with sound, moving image, typography, photography, spoken word and text compositions. During this residency, he hopes to explore local narratives around race and cultural identity through an approach using sensory ethnography.

Louise Webb‘s practice centres around the suspension of disbelief; the engagement that occurs consciously by the audience and the act of accepting fictional information that is presented temporarily as fact.