Jendog Lonewolf & YaliniDream (Brooklyn Dreamwolf): Above Street Level


An evening presentation of performances from Hip Hop MC Jendog Lonewolf and the award-winning Performing Artist/Poet YaliniDream. 

Through their collaboration, Above Street Level, Brooklyn DreamWolf creatively reports stories from their respective experiences, demonstrating a politic of pluralism and solidarity through creative practice(s). They take the audience through heart-touching and thought-provoking stories, poems, and rhymes that delicately and unapologetically intersect class, race, gender, and sexuality. Their aesthetic, a masterful mashup of Hip Hop, theater, spoken word poetry, dance, and song, emerges from the energies of multiple Diasporas in collision. Using a de-colonial lens, Brooklyn DreamWolf travels through the stories, navigating and subverting community homophobia, gendered norms, the legacy of war, inter-generational traumas, violence within communities, and survival.  The work takes underground aesthetics and stories that are often marginalized or closeted and brings them ‘Above Street Level’.