Exit Strategy – a public talk by Paul Chaney


A public talk by artist Paul Chaney about his ‘Lizard Exit Plan’ – a research project that details how the current population of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall could survive the aftermath of an unspecified apocalyptic event, or detach from the economy of global capital.

The project examines connections between environmental politics, site-specific art, and site-sensitive architecture, exploring the narrow separation between ‘green’ utopias and survivalist dystopias.

Paul Chaney practised in Cornwall for 15 years, most notably founding Fieldclub – a four acre smallholding and research station investigating dark ecology.

The talk is presented as part of the Sundowners week in London, organised by OSE associates in collaboration with CAST. It is supported by Kestle Barton, which commissioned Chaney’s ‘Lizard Exit Plan’ exhibition in the summer of 2014.