CAS haircut interview with DKUK open call


Artist, trained hairdresser (with 17 years experience) and OSE Associate Daniel Kelly is looking for proposals for any one who would like to come and discuss any of the themes of Capitalist Artist Scum. The fee for the discussion will be a haircut of your choice, with the conversation recorded and archived online. The hope is to build a picture of artists’ changing relationship and awareness of economics. Haircuts will take place at Open School East the week beginning 9 November. E-mail a two sentence proposal with your preferred time appointments are 5-8pm Tuesday- Saturday

This event is part of ‘Agenda Salad’, a week of exhibitions, performances, workshops and discussions devised by OSE associates to mark the end of Year 2. For more information click here.

Capitalist Artist Scum is a provocative title that covers a series of talks and events. We wanted to use the title as a catalyst to discuss a variation of artistic practise that creates alternative structures for the making and distribution of art or are embedded within non-art industries. As this city has become ever more expensive to operate in, we wanted to highlight and map out what seems to be a new awareness or critique of the structures of which contemporary art is produced and exhibited. CAS grew out of Daniel Kelly’s project DKUK, a functioning hairdressing salon where paying clients look at art while getting their haircut. DKUK has been running for one year and offers a new model for the production and display of artwork, by using 50% of money taken with the haircut to go toward funding the art.