Critical Methods and Creativity: Iain MacKenzie

This session will situate the idea of critical thought within the Western tradition of philosophy. Following a lecture to introduce the main themes of critical thought there will ample opportunity for discussion of how we understand critical thought and what role, if any, it has today. Of particular interest will be the relationship between contemporary variants of critical thought and the idea of creativity.

No required reading.

This event is part of Topics in Critical Thought, a short course designed to offer an introduction to critical thought in general and provide a series of engaging talks, discussions and activities related to topics of contemporary concern to critical theorists. Members of the Centre for Critical Thought at the University of Kent will deliver all of the sessions. All seminars, except the last one, will be two hours long – 6.30-8.30pm – and will take place on Thursday.

More information about the full programme can be found here.