Anti-University Now: Tidal Shorts

This workshop will celebrate visual storytelling and the tension between precision and chance through the creation of multiple straight 8 films.

All of the 3 minute films will be made using a simple mobile phone app and in a process of continuous shots, whereby the film is edited in camera.
To prepare we will explore different approaches to storyboarding as an editing process, site-responsive devising and narrative techniques.

The focus will be on non-pressurized, non-professional and immediate approaches to making and sharing visual stories. The overall workshop is designed to encourage risk, fluidity, precision and spontaneity to the stories we tell and the manner in which we create them.

The workshop takes place two weeks before Walpole Tidal Pool turns 80 years old, so will additionally be a homage to a place and the many eyes/lenses/senses that it has lived through.

At the end of the workshop, we will watch the films in a relaxed back-to-back screening with some drinks and some discussions at Open School East.

Jacob P Woods is a current associate at Open School East in Margate. Many of his recent articulations have been in the form of micro-expeditions, combining elements of adventure, embodied learning and immersive participation.

His practice is largely collaborative; often working between disparate knowledge areas and individuals connected to a subject/place. The expeditions and educational practices have similar areas of inquiry, such as perceiving place and knowledge through multiple threads and perspectives and the experiential study of sensation.

He is also a performance maker with a specific interest in the devising and editing processes of performance and film.

Accessibility info: The venue is step free.

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Free and all welcome