“sugar, tell me true stories”


Please join OSE associate Emil Scheffmann for “sugar, tell me true stories”, a presentation of recent wall-works. Accompanying the display will be a bar designed in collaboration with fellow-associate, Eleanor Vonne Brown.

“I said I wouldn’t show anything this year… I just wanted to focus on making things. Also, the prospect of getting to know a new art scene was exhausting, I couldn’t be bothered. I think it was a good idea to hide away for a bit… it let me reconnect with being a maker and not performing these things for anyone but myself. Though I don’t want to be cagey… and I think it’s good to share your work with those around you. So I’m going to show a few things. I’m sorry if this seems overly vague… but I don’t really want to talk about it until we’re in a room together. I’m so sick of doing things that can be described in a hundred word press release.”

Emil Scheffmann (b. 1990) is a New Zealand-born artist engaged with the intersection between object, text and memory. An associate of Open School East, and co-founder of artist-run space FUZZYVIBES, Scheffmann is also interested in systems of communal learning and artist autonomy.