Young Associates Exhibition 2022:Peeling Grapes

The 2022 cohort of Young Associates created an impressive exhibition (slash) merch shop (slash) gig venue (slash) petting zoo at our Hawley Square building.

Audience members had a number of environments to explore in the pop up exhibition that held collaborative installations between the Young Associates and their mentors. 

Plaster sculptures of organic forms and strange creatures stand in a victorian era room with arches and a fireplace.

A petrified forest of hybrid creatures created with mentor Nicolas Deshayes, made from plaster and natural materials, sculptures that haunted the front room as free standing and wall mounted works became a lair of the young artists experimental, humorous and menacing manifestations.

Their collaborative work with Adam Chodzko, Sunken Senses inhabited the garden as murmurings and sonics emanated from the plants and rocks for audiences to listen to.

six stacked tv screens show a repeated image of a person playing guitar

The basement became a gig venue with stacked monitors playing their band Chips for Dinner song and music video created with mentor Dan Scott at Olby’s Creative Hub, with make up direction from industry artist Ziggy Gaji.

The YAP’s transformation of the space continued in the upper rooms of the building where an array of up-cycled and customised jumpers and bags were on display and being sold alongside their screen print editions, all created through project work with mentors Cynthia Lawrence John, Carri Munden, Charlie Evaristo-Boyce. Alongside galleries of work in discussion with identity and the body, pastel glitch fantasy world and Polly Pocket iconography, anime hybrids and sea creatures made from welded spoons and grandmothers front room. The exhibition harnessed the pillars and ethics of permaculture on Earth Care, Fair Share and People Care

A pop up shop with customised jumpers hanging on a copper rail, a top folded on a pink plinth and an orange print on the wall. Plants sit on the floor.

Audiences attended workshops facilitated by the YAP’s with OSE Alumni; Greta Sharp for Zine Making and a wellbeing workshop titled Raising Raisins with alumni Suzy Crothers and theatre maker Annie Sutton.