Associates Exhibition 2022: Once More With Feeling curated with Angelica Sule

Once more with feeling is the culmination of a year reflecting on care and maintenance,  initiated by a provocation from Assemble to question what an architecture of care would look like. Here the artists present a collective reflection on what it means to co-exist and cohabit with each other and the building that holds them.

The resulting exhibition speaks to relationships between the body and the land, the group and the self, it is a collective act of embodied care. It is a call to feel. The works trace embodied memories, untold histories and stories of connection, looping from internal to external, domestic to public, land to sea, body to building.

Bringing a wide range of subjects together, the works and artists are bound by a focus on feeling. It thrums through the bones of the building that holds the work, a vessel of care and support. This manifests through reflections on the self, exploring mental health, wellbeing and play; drawing attention to the body, how it is perceived and touched, or how the systems of the body work. It explores care through memory, reaching for a faraway home or retelling lost histories. Histories are embodied and are narratives portrayed through relationships with land and sea. Site is explored and picked apart, deconstructed and represented.

Curated with Angelica Sule