Emelia Kerr Beale

♡ 4 my now

Vinyl, polymer clay, notice boards, drawings, leaflets

The installation 4 my now centres togetherness, precarity and solidarity within spaces of education and community organising. Having spent the year organising locally for Palestine, and working closely with peers, Emelia reflects on experiences of planning, grieving, raging, dreaming. 

The sculpture depicts all of this year’s associates at Open School East, including spaces for those who were there briefly. Created with oven clay, the process returns to a joyful, familiar childhood activity, encouraged by mentors during creative blocks. Notice boards display drawings, leaflets and scrap paper, serving as archives for things gathered, folded, and put into pockets. Sifting through notebooks filled during the year, Emelia also presents a selection of notes and doodles, which are viewable from outside Open School East, Arts in Ramsgate and The Beacon, exploring citation and influence. 

Whilst the associates have spent the year in arts education, the Israeli Occupation Forces have destroyed all universities and art galleries in Gaza. This targeted attack on culture and education is part of their 76 year long attempt to eradicate the past, present and future of Palestinian life. Emelia extends love to Thanet4Palestine and Palestine Action for their dedication to liberation

Emelia Kerr Beale predominantly works in drawing, sculpture and textile. Using recurring motifs and forms, they create a personal visual language through which to articulate complex individual and collective experiences. Interested in how we communicate ourselves to the world, and how the world communicates back, Emelia is often influenced by stories, slogans, clothing, promotional material- devices which extend outwards. Emelia is also invested in the exchange and building of knowledge through collaboration, and loves working with others.

Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2019, Emelia has sought further ‘education’ through alternative routes, including In Session FKA GRADJOB (2019-2020), and The Newbridge Project’s Collective Studio (2021-2022). Recent projects include There Has To Be Somewhere, Grand Union Gallery, Birmingham, 2023; pain folds its legs, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, 2023; and Where a castle meets the sky, Pipe Factory, Glasgow, 2024 as part of Glasgow International.